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About Us...

'We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us.'

We, Chloe (28) and Connor (29), both from the UK, have been a couple since November, 2019. Although it wasn't exactly a rendition of Romeo and Juliet (we both swiped right), we like to think it's still very much a love story. Things moved pretty quickly between us and, during Covid, we decided (or, rather, were compelled) to move in together. After a year of living in Connor's flat, we bought a house in Surrey and were very close to committing fully to 'adult life' and settling down... marriage, babies, career prospects and the like were all very alluring! Also, the restrictions meant that we couldn't indulge in what we'd often expressed was one of our shared passions: traveling (at this point, we hadn't even taken a couple holiday together).

BUT, when society started to open up again, we spent a lot of time chatting about our dream bucket list and how we really ought to seize every opportunity we could to make it happen.


Hence, the birth of 'Shared Bucket List', the excitement for our own travel blog and a moment (or several) of 'life's too short!'
We soon decided to rent out our home in the UK and go and see the world in 2023. Our website was purely created to document our journey and offer top tips we've acquired along the way but, since then, it's already evolved and we really appreciate you taking the time to check it out. Hopefully, you'll find it useful - maybe even inspiring!

More about our backgrounds: Chloe is a qualified English and Media Studies Teacher with a degree in Multimedia Journalism. (If interested in 1:1 tutoring opportunities, please see the 'Services' section of our site). Connor is an Accountant in the Film Industry and has a degree in Sport and Exercise Science. Both were born in the UK.

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