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Stress-free safari packages with T-One Tours, Tanzania

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by Chloe Green (@SharedBucketList)

Usually when booking luxury holidays, we opt for all-inclusive packages for the sake of ease and convenience. We all know that having to organise flights, accommodation, food and transfers all by yourself can be a complicated and stressful task. However, when it comes to booking a trip involving multiple destinations or following an itinerary you've personally devised in your book of bucket list dreams, you might think there's no other option than to go it alone at every stage of making arrangements.

That's exactly what we thought when we first looked at booking a safari in the Serengeti whilst holidaying on the stunning island of Zanzibar, Tanzania. We spent hours sifting through flight information, public transport routes and various safari tour websites but none of them seemed to deliver the full package we were seeking for the desirable amount of time or keep in line with our set budget. We began to feel deflated, thinking we might need to put aside our wishlist or visit these destinations on two separate occasions. That is until we came across T-One Tours, a trustworthy company which immediately re-ignited our passion for exploring and made our Tanzania dream a tangible reality.

So, just how did T-One Tours provide the most epic adventure we've ever been on?

Remarkably, T-One Tours enabled us to combine our exotic Zanzibar holiday with a fly-in safari, including airport transfers, flights, two glorious game drives, one night's accommodation and an additional hot air balloon ride (see our review of the Miracle Experience here) before flying us back to our resort in Zanzibar. It was seamless from start to finish: at no point were we waiting around for drivers or pilots to collect us, our luggage was wherever it needed to be, at various different points during our trip; each experience itself was outstanding and our accommodation was delightfully refreshing after a long day on safari.

We stayed at the Ikoma Tented Camp in one of their exclusive lodges (as close as we were willing to get to wild-camping). Shortly before retiring for the day, we spotted a giraffe just a few yards away from where we were staying and, from inside the tent, we could hear animals making noises at night-time. Definitely a unique experience! See the images above for a preview of our accommodation.

Although we managed to squeeze in so many exciting activities, we were kept in the loop at all times about transitions and what was coming up next. Every member of staff, despite working for different companies, were aware of our customised itinerary and made us feel so relaxed. This was a huge deal for us because it meant that we could just marvel and enjoy everything we'd been looking forward to for so long. We are immensely grateful to T-One Tours for that.

In terms of packages available, T-One Tours offer a wide range on their website which can be seen here. However, don't hesitate to get in touch if you're looking to build a more bespoke holiday like we did. Their highly attentive representatives are happy to tailor their packages to your needs. **We are also in the process of negotiating discount for our readers so check back later - more details coming soon** As Zanzibar is increasing in popularity, we'd highly recommend sandwiching in a fly-in safari package to your trip (booked before your holiday to ensure you don't miss out). We loved having a few extra days at the end of our holiday to unwind and reflect on all the amazing things we'd seen. Don't get us wrong, we were on the move a fair bit but we only had a short window to cram everything in. (Our trip lasted 10 days in total; the fly-in safari and hot air balloon spanned over 2 of those which we, personally, felt was enough. Nonetheless, some safari-goers aren't always as lucky with their wildlife sightings so an additional day is recommended, if you can fit it in.)

There are several alternative safari locations which are closer to Zanzibar than the Serengeti but we wanted to venture to this national park in particular as it is considered to be the 'holy mecca of wildlife', hosting 1 of the 7 wonders of Africa and 1 of the 10 wonders of the world as far as wildlife is concerned. It certainly did not disappoint and we would urge everyone to go!

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Please get in touch if there's anything else you wanted to ask. You can comment below or send us a message on Instagram / via our contact page.

hot air balloon, herd of zebras, zebras, Miracle Experience, Serengeti
A herd of zebras from above | Credit: Miracle Experience

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