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Shared Christmas Wishlist: Travel Edition

~ Shared Bucket List is proud to be supported by its readers. If a purchase is made through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. However, we do not accept money for any of our reviews and only recommend services/products we would use personally. ~

by Chloe Green (@SharedBucketList)

top Christmas gift ideas for travelers
It's nearly Christmas! Read our festive gift guide for travel-lovers below...

Choosing Christmas presents for loved ones is always tricky, but it can be even harder to buy gifts for those making plans to travel the world. Perhaps, they could just do with some money? That would certainly help them when it comes to booking flights/accommodation for all their upcoming trips - but is it festive? Not really.

If you know anyone going away soon or planning a big trip in the New Year, we've sorted you right out with our Christmas gift guide for travel junkies (below). We've even included links for each suggestion, meaning you can buy them in just a few simple clicks, directly from the source. Thank us later!

Depending on your budget, here are our top 10 products you can buy to give the travel-obsessed a very merry Christmas:

£10 and under

  • What better way for a couple to collect and treasure their travel memories than to record them in a personal journal? Even if you think writing isn't their bag, this beautifully designed keepsake has lots of pre-made spaces for them to write down everything about their bucket list items in a straight-forward and memorable way. Not only does it help them reflect on the places they've been... it also helps them plan for future trips. We want one ourselves! (Hint, hint, relatives.) You can order a copy of 'Our Bucket List' here for just £5.49.

  • Another essential item for all travel-lovers is a combined passport holder and travel wallet. Yes, it may seem a fairly simple gift, but it is also one that will be used frequently. As a result of this, it really ought to be good quality. Fortunately, The Cooja Passport Holder is exactly that! Travelers can rest assured that their valuables will be safe from scratches and rain splashes, as this passport holder is made of durable PU leather and waterproof material. Soft to the touch, lightweight and available in various colours (we like the camel best), it's a bargain for only £7.99!

  • Also available in multiple different colours, the Fit-Flip Microfibre Towel is an absolute must for backpackers and campers alike. Fast-drying, compact and easy to hang, this is a towel your travel buddy will be eternally grateful for on those summer beach days or after a refreshing shower. Prices start from £8.99 (depending on size and optional add-ons).

£20 and under

  • If the person you're buying for is crazy about their photography, then why not buy them this very impressive selfie stick and tripod combo? Sure, it might seem a bit excessive to have all this gear but, if your recipient is keen on creating endless content, you'll have all the bases covered with this purchase. The selfie stick can be folded down easily, making it possible to work those angles on the move, before packing it away. The accompanying tripod is made of aluminum alloy, meaning it is light to carry but still strong and sturdy to capture those precious memories. This swanky set even comes with its own remote! Fancy, right? All for just £16.99.

  • It's not always practical or necessary to take a suitcase away on trips so, if the person you have in mind is a little more active or likes to pack light, we'd recommend the ComfyDegree Ultralight Foldable Hiking Backpack (£15.99). This brand's very own slogan is, 'exploring the world in comfort', and this lightweight, foldable backpack looks comfy indeed! For the more cautious travelers, it also has its own Anti-Theft Zipper.

  • Speaking of practicality, often, while on the move, you're unable to plug in your smartphone to recharge its battery. It's moments like these where travelers are thankful they have their very own portable power bank. The TECKNET 10000m Power Bank, in particular, is well-rated and claims to be able to charge a phone to 60% in just 30 minutes. A saviour in an urgent situation! Well worth £17.99 in our opinion.

  • Another delightful product, available for £17.99, is a hard copy of The World: A Traveller's Guide to the Planet (Lonely Planet). Within this illustrated and informative guidebook, readers can discover something about every country in the world. A must have for anyone planning a round-the-world trip!

£30 and under

  • Say goodbye to creased clothes with the compact Cosicosy Travel Clothes Steamer, available for £29.99. Admittedly, this might not be the most exciting present to unwrap for Christmas, but it's sure to put a smile on anyone's face after getting to their hotel and realising there's no iron.

Pushing the boat out: £50 and above

Hey big spender! The following gift ideas certainly have the wow factor and would be well-received by any explorer. Aren't you a great friend?

  • If your suitcases are anything like ours (battered and torn), they'll need replacing soon. But what size should you go for? Sometimes, it very much depends on the type of trip and duration of one's stay. Luckily for you, the Kono Luggage Set comes with 3 different sized cases: 20"/24"/28" for a very reasonable collective price of £169.99. What's more? The cases can be stored into one another when not in use and they also come with directional spinner wheels which can move in any direction for easy mobility. Each of the cases are hard shell and come fitted with their own combination lock, leaving all those travel belongings safe and secure.

We hope you have found this festive wishlist useful and you have managed to find some inspiration for your Christmas shopping. Please note: all prices advertised here were accurate as of 10th November 2022 and may be subject to change.

Remember: we are always grateful for suggestions. If you're a member of the travel community, do leave us a comment below with any other gift ideas you may have for our readers.

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