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A succinct guide to Mykonos

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by Chloe Green @SharedBucketList A brief overview of Greece's party island...

Having heard much about Greece's captivating coastline and idyllic temperatures, Connor and I had been itching to visit the country for the first time last year but, sadly, due to Covid, we had to cancel our trip last minute. Luckily for us, Connor's twin got married on the popular party island, Mykonos, earlier this year, and what a worthwhile wait it was! Below, we have summarised the highs and lows of this Greek hot spot, with some additional information about where we stayed and when we visited:

#1: Picturesque paradise!

If you're looking for a backdrop of dreams, look no further than Mykonos' beaches and sunsets. The views are sensational from morning until night and the glowing sunshine seriously takes 'golden hour' to a new level. Epic selfies: check! (✔) This also happens to make it an absolutely gorgeous setting to tie the knot, as we were most fortunate to witness. (Do consider the heat if you plan on spending the day taking photographs outside, mind!)

#2: The best things in life are free... plus interest

If there's one thing we weren't expecting it was the hefty prices of practically everything you need to buy in Mykonos. Cocktails, beer, dinner out, bottled water. Although your memory bank will be thankful for your time in Mykonos, your wallet certainly won't, so do go prepared. (Preferred currency: euros)

#3: Nightlife

We were only in Mykonos for a few days, therefore our experience of its nightlife was short-lived, however the evenings we did spend in Mykonos town were super fun (watch our reel here). Tourists are spoilt for choice as there is plenty to do; the variation in restaurants, bars and clubs makes it an appealing attraction for all - you definitely won't struggle for entertainment or quality refreshments. We were also told that taxis are hard to come by if you intend on staying out until the early hours but we didn't find this to be a problem at all. There is a taxi rank, charging reasonable rates, at the beginning of the strip. Small warning: the beautiful cobbled streets and endless alleyways you are likely to have pinned on your travel inspo boards are as breathtaking as you'd imagine... but the ground is also uneven and littered with craters so I'd advise sticking to flat shoes. I made the mistake of wearing high-heels and spent most of my time looking down to make sure I didn't stumble.

#4: Popular or packed?

It's inevitable that somewhere so alluring will be busy but this can be a little overwhelming if you aren't a fan of large crowds. The cobbled streets I mentioned before are quite narrow so being surrounded by a vast number of tourists can seem to intensify the heat pretty quickly. We'd recommend visiting early morning or evening when it's more comfortable. There is much to see!

#5: Greek people and culture

The people of Greece (at least, the ones we met) are super friendly, helpful and accommodating. We felt very welcome and safe throughout our stay. Plate smashing is an absolute must! If you've never tried it, there's something strangely liberating about breaking things on purpose. Also, Greek food is a fine specimen. Mainly gyros. We could not get enough of gyros and tzatziki sauce. So much so that we went on a Greek-food-rampage several days after returning to the UK. (There is a stunning authentic Greek restaurant in Guildford called 'Theion' - serves the kind of food that makes you never want to stop eating. Check it out here)

So, those are our top five tips for your next trip to Mykonos. We hope they help you out when it comes to planning your visit. If you are thinking about celebrating a wedding out there, here is a reel we made for Connor's brother and (now) sister-in-law, documenting their special day. For more specifics of our stay, see the following and please don't hesitate to message us if you have any questions.

Where did we stay? The Royal Myconian (you can find it on

When did we travel? May, 2022

How long were we there? Four days (Fri-Mon)

Would we go back? Absolutely, but there are other parts of Greece we would love to check out first.


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